My Plan

I am running for City Council for the following reasons:

• To encourage the economic or business base for the city of Des Moines (Downtown and Pacific Highway).  We need not only to make it convenient for our neighbors to be able to dine and procure their needs, but to avail the opportunity for our business men and women to succeed. I want to ensure the city is able to maintain and improve its services and infrastructure without raising our property taxes.

• To ensure the vision of downtown (the Marina District) is realized, and ensure the enhancement and protection of our waterfronts (Marina, Redondo and our parks) so residents and visitors can enjoy this wonderful city for years to come.

• To listen, hear and support the needs (Infrastructure, Crime Prevention, Enhancements, Airport Issues, etc.) of all nine great neighborhoods within the city of Des Moines (Central Des Moines, Marina District, North Central, North Hill, Pacific Ridge, Redondo, South Des Moines, Woodmont and Zenith.)