“Matt it is my pleasure to endorse you and your candidacy in this race for City Council.  I wish you all the best and I look forward to serving with you.”

Matt Pina, Mayor, City of Des Moines

You have done an awesome job!!

Tina Orwall = LD 33 State Representative

Des Moines Police Officers Guild

Vic Pennington, South King County Fire Dept Fire Chief

Peter von Reichbauer, King County Councilmember

M. Luisa Bangs, Des Moines City Councilmember

Seattle King County Realtors🏠

Susie and Steve Novak, Des Moines Farmers Market

Bill and Patti Linscott – Des Moines Residents, Des Moines Marina and Yachtclub Spokesman

Dave Kaplan – Former Mayor of Des Moines

Susan and Steve Goegebuer- Des Moines Residents and Volunteers Extraordinaire

BJ and Anna Bjorneby – Des Moines Residents

Bob and Penley Leonard – Des Moines Residents

Karen and Scott Staley – Des Moines Residents

Roger and Linda Stull – Des Moines Business Owner

Shan and Corel Hoel  Des Moines Residents and Active Volunteers

Mark Proulx – Des Moines Resident and Community Activist

Nancy Kuehnoel – Pool Board and Des Moines Resident

Jeff Green – Des Moines Business Owner and Resident

LaVonne and Truxton Terkla – Des Moines Business Owner

Tony Hettler – Des Moines Businessman and President of Destination Des Moines

Marie Dhu Lesley – Des Moines Resident

JoAnn Elizabeth Rovig – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner

Ernie and Henie Campany – Des Moines Residents And Business Owners

Laurie McEachern – Des Moines Resident

Steven and Talley Hatt -Des Moines Resident

Vince and Michelle Thyng – Des Moines Residents

Nadya Curtis – Des Moines Resident

Wayne and Susan Corey – Des Moines Residents

Jim and Vickie Polhamus – Des Moines Residents

Don and Marilyn Stickles – Des Moines Residents

James and Marla McCollough – Des Moines Residents

Keith and Luella Noess – Des Moines Residents

Gwen Koch – Des Moines Resident

Roger Baker  – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Police Chief

Mara Mulligan and Nick Terrana – Des Moines Residents

Kevin Teker – Des Moines Resident

Jeff and Katie Paulson – Des Moines Residents