“Matt it is my pleasure to endorse you and your candidacy in this race for City Council.  I wish you all the best and I look forward to serving with you.”

Matt Pina, Mayor, City of Des Moines

“Matt’s a dedicated, hard-working, no-nonsense guy who will study the issues from all angles, put his energy and work-ethic to the job of representing all of our citizens, and has the integrity that an elected official should possess. That cannot be said of all candidates.”

-Dave Kaplan, Des Moines Councilmember


I will be voting for Matt Mahoney, and I hope you will too.

My first meeting with Mahoney was scheduled for a quick meet and greet. Two and half hours later I left feeling like there was so much more to talk about. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of care, commitment and common sense he has for our city. As an avid diver, Community Advisory Committee Member, North Hill Block Watch Captain and North Hill Community Club member, he has taken every opportunity to get involved in this city.

Melissa Musser, Des Moines City Councilmember

Des Moines Police Officers Guild

“The South King Professional Firefighters are proud to endorse you (Matt Mahoney) for the Des Moines City Council Position #7.  Your desire for open government, communication, willingness to work with our union on issues and the desires for further education about the fire service are great examples of why you will be an optimal fit for Des Moines City Council Position #7.”

Chris Mathis, VP, South King County Professional Firefighters

Vic Pennington, Des Moines City Councilmember

M. Luisa Bangs, Des Moines City Councilmember

Rob Back, Des Moines City Councilmember and Business Owner

Norma and Ed Pina – Former Des Moines City Councilmember and School Board President

Master Builders Association’s Affordable Housing Council – “This endorsement is based on your campaign goals and your commitment to and understanding of housing issues.”

Seattle King County Realtors🏠

Central Puget Sound Carpenters Local 30

Rikki Marohl – Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market Manager and Resident

Michael D Spear – Highline Public Schools – School Board Director District 5 (Des Moines Area Representative)

I want to go on record as endorsing Matt Mahoney, he has faithfully sat
through council meetings for the last year and has engaged in many community
functions. He has attended events that the Master Builder Association has
put on including their candidate school. He is thoughtful and even if he
doesn’t agree with your position he will listen to you and try to find a
compromise, not shut you down! The best part of Matt – he does NOT want our
city to be a mini Seattle. You have all the votes in our house Matt.

Carri Litowitz – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner

Bill and Patti Linscott – Des Moines Residents, Des Moines Marina and Yachtclub Spokesman

Susan and Steve Goegebuer- Des Moines Residents and Volunteers Extraordinaire

BJ and Anna Bjorneby – Des Moines Residents

Roger and Linda Stull – Des Moines Business Owner and Residents

Shan and Corel Hoel  Des Moines Residents and Active Volunteers

Fran Woodard- Des Moines Resident

Mark Proulx – Des Moines Resident and Community Activist

Nancy Kuehnoel – Pool Board and Des Moines Resident

Jeff Green – Des Moines Business Owner and Resident

LaVonne and Truxton Terkla – Des Moines Business Owner

Tony Hettler – Des Moines Businessman

Charlene Bacalzo – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner

Marie Dhu Lesley – Des Moines Resident

Tad Doviak – Des Moines Resident

Patricio Mendoza – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner

JoAnn Elizabeth Rovig – Des Moines Resident and Business Owner

Ernie and Henie Campany – Des Moines Residents And Business Owners

Laurie McEachern – Des Moines Resident

Steven Hatt -Des Moines Resident

Carla and Dave Morrow – Des Moines Residents

Vince and Michelle Thyng – Des Moines Residents

Nadya Curtis – Des Moines Resident

Pat and Marianne Nardo – Des Moines Residents

Wayne and Susan Corey – Des Moines Residents

Jim and Vickie Polhamus – Des Moines Residents

Don and Marilyn Stickles – Des Moines Residents

Esther Harris – Des Moines Resident

James and Marla McCollough – Des Moines Residents

Keith and Luella Noess – Des Moines Residents

Gwen Koch – Des Moines Resident

Roger Baker  – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Police Chief

Bob Pond – Des Moines Resident

Mara Mulligan and Nick Terrana – Des Moines Residents

Kim and Kevin Watson – Des Moines Residents

Kevin Teker – Des Moines Resident

Rick Wise –  Des Moines Resident

Jeff and Katie Paulson – Des Moines Residents

Jeanette Burrage – Des Moines Resident and Former Des Moines Councilmember